A garden of resources for plant people

This is my journey to become a better human companion for our little green friends, and through that, maybe a better human, too!

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Plant Happenings

Benefit from my successes and learn from my mistakes. It’s cheaper than doing it yourself, so follow the latest trials and tribulations of my indoor and outdoor gardens on my plant blog.

Sustainable Living

My hippy-gardener teachers and my hick-gardener teachers would never admit it, but they have a lot in common. Sustainable living can be as easy on our pocketbooks as it is on our environment.

Plant Information

The little plastic plant info tag stuck in a starter pot isn’t always 100% accurate, as we’ve all found from time to time. Here’s what I’ve learned about the plants I’ve grown, through research, trial and error.

Plant Q/A

I haven’t grown them all, and I haven’t written about all I’ve grown. I’m both curious about new plants and I also like to know what other people are finding challenging to grow. Let’s do some plant QA.

What's sprouting on the garden blog?

~Totem the Tree Frog