About Up from the Roots…


I go by the gardening alias of Indi, and am a one of many rural and suburban gardeners in the Peace-ific Northwest who are dedicated to finding the best ways to grow plants in and around our homes and communities. Responsible home gardening accomplishes…

  • Less need for mass agriculture (which can be expensive, wasteful and environmentally damaging if not done properly)
  • More readily available fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Less hunger!

“Up from the Roots” started in early 2012 as a way to share the results of my experiments with other gardeners. If you would like to share your gardening experiences here, please feel welcome to contact me.

Learning to care for plants is important! Plants feed us, help us heal, remove toxins from our environment, beautify our surroundings and bring happiness to our lives on many levels. Yet as agriculture continues to grow as an industry, gardens disappear from our landscape. Small-scale agriculture in our neighborhoods and communities can help us feed our people and conserve our environment, yet with each generation, more of our children grow to adulthood knowing nothing about the importance of plants and gardening. My mission is to help bring this knowledge back into our culture.

I’ve put a lot of time into collecting all kinds of plant and gardening resources and am happy to share them with anyone interested in gardening. I know that there are other big communities out there that focus on gardening and plants, but I you might appreciate enjoy that I’ve tried out many of the techniques with my own hands.

A note about location: I am located in the Southern Willamette Valley in Oregon where winters and summers tend to be mild, so much of my information has been written from that perspective. If my information varies from what you’ve experienced with a particular plant, please be sure to let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me.

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