• Why are my African violet’s leaves standing too upright?


    Plant questions and answers! This week: My African Violet’s leaves are pointing up at a sharp angle that doesn’t look normal. What is causing that?

    African VioletsThe most likely answer is simple—too much light! When exposed to light that is too bright, African Violets often begin to tip their delicate leaves up to help decrease the amount of that hits directly on their leaves. They do look a little stressed when they do this, and that’s usually how they “feel.” Many African Violet varieties have leaves that are easily damaged by direct sunlight.

    African Violets usually prefer bright indirect light, not direct sunlight. A north-facing window is a good choice, or in a brightly sunlit room away from a window or any direct sun. Read more about African Violet care here.

    There may be other reasons that your violet’s leaves are tipping up, too… for example, some varieties may simply grow that way. I have heard some people say that cold temperatures make the leaves tilt up. (I haven’t seen the latter to be true, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in some varieties.)

    As always, if you have another idea, please post it here!


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