Name: Azalea (Rhododendron Tsutsuji)
Type: Perennial

Growth habit: Upright woody shrub with some varieties remaining low to the ground and others reaching 5 feet or more in height.
Light Level: Prefers a mostly sunny location, but will tolerate full sun or partial shade.
Water: Moderate to generous.
Fertilization: Mulching with organic materials should provide enough nutrition for most azaleas.
Planting Medium: Well draining, slightly acidic soil. Most garden soils will be sufficient as long as they don’t remain soggy after watering.

Common afflictions: Lace bugs, mites, scale, azalea caterpillar, rhododendron borer

Pruning: Prune in the spring, before or after blooming. (There is a pruning guide at the Azalea Society of America)

Azalea Facts: The azaleas with which we are most familiar are slow-growing evergreens that become covered with brilliant blossoms in mid spring. While azaleas are closely related to rhododendrons, they are different in leaf shape and the way that they blossom. Rhododendrons produce clusters of flowers, while azaleas have a single flower on each branch. A compact growth habit and evenly-spread blossoms mean that many varieties of azalea can make a fantastic hedge.

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