Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Name: Bearded Iris (Iris germanica)
Type: Perennial

Growth habit: Bearded Iris are grown from rhizomes (sometimes erroneously referred to as bulbs or tubers). Their large, colorful blossoms appear in mid spring, 1-3 feet above their leathery, blade-shaped leaves.
Light Level: Full sun to partial shade.
Water: Low to moderate. Somewhat drought tolerant after blooming.
Fertilization: Use a low-nitrogen, slow-release, granular fertilizer once in the spring and once after blossoming.
Planting Medium: Well draining. Most garden soils will be sufficient as long as they don’t remain soggy after watering. Some varieties even tolerate clay. To help prevent damage from too much moisture, do not mulch over the rhizomes.

Common afflictions: Bacterial soft rot, iris borer, snails, slugs

Pruning: Prune off spent blossoms and prune back foliage in the fall. Divide the rhizomes every few years to prevent overcrowding.

Bearded Iris Facts: Bearded Iris (also called Flags) are hardy plants that are relatively easy to grow and provide years of beautiful flowers in the spring.  Their large, showy blossoms come in almost every color and make lovely cut flowers.

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