Camellia Flower

Camellia Flower

Name: Camellia (Camellia)

Growth habit: The camellia is actually a small, leathery-leafed, evergreen tree, but gardeners typically grow it like a large shrub. Many varieties grow to over 15 feet tall, and some can even reach 20 meters. Camellias bear their rose-like blossoms in late winter or early spring in many areas.
Light Level:
Prefers partial shade, but may tolerate full shade.
Water: Moderate to conservatively. Drought resistant once established.
Fertilization: Use a slow-release granular fertilizer formulated for plants that prefer acidic soil.

Planting Medium: Slightly acidic soil is preferred. Mulch to protect roots, discourage weeds and provide organic nutrients.

Common afflictions: scale

Pruning: While mature camellia bushes don’t usually need regular pruning, a drastic pruning can revitalize them them. Younger camellias can be pruned to a desired shape. Prune after blossoms drop, often summer or early fall.

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