• What can I feed my flowering tobacco plants to make them fragrant?


    Flowering TobaccoPlant questions and answers! This week: What can I feed my Nicotiana to make it more fragrant? Well, here’s some bad and good news… (Ask your plant or gardening question.)

    The bad news is if your flowering tobacco flowers don’t have a scent, there really isn’t anything you can feed it to increase the scent. The good news is, the fragrant varieties are often heirloom varieties that grow madly in established gardens and your friends and neighbors may be able to give you seeds or cuttings.

    I’ve found that many of the dwarf or compact varieties of flowering tobacco do not have much of a scent at all. These have been bred to have lovely flowers and a higher flower-to-foliage ratio. Usually it’s the tall, old-fashioned varieties that have the strongest scent, so check around and see if you can find any for free!

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