• Can you propagate an African Violet leaf in fish water?


    Plant questions and answers! This week: Can I root an African Violet leaf in water from my aquarium? Yes, I imagine that you probably could indeed root an African Violet leaf in aquarium water. You might want to keep a couple of things in mind though…Fish munching on a plantFish (aquarium) water is a good fertilizer, full of natural nutrients. Although I have not tried rooting with fish water specifically, but I used to water my potted African Violets and other houseplants with aquarium water a lot. The plants really seemed to really appreciate it. There are a couple exceptions, though, where things wouldn’t work out so well…

    • Plant/Fish incompatibilities–If you are thinking about rooting your plants directly in your aquarium, do your research and find out which plants are compatible with which fish. Your little fishies might decide your plants are a tasty snack and this could end up being not so good for either your fish or your plants.
    • Chemicals–If you are adding chemicals to your aquarium to kill fungus, treat disease, change the PH of your water or for any other reason, don’t use it on your plants.  These chemicals could harm your plants.

    Fish are fun… I miss mine! Enjoy!

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