• Catnip, take two. 


    Last year my aunt gave me a huge pot of catnip plants to grow for my three inside cats. I brought it home and unloaded it from the car, but the pot was too heavy and the night too dark for me to haul it around to the greenhouse.
    I left it in the driveway intending to move it in the morning, but as it turns out, I probably should have left it in the car…

    Catnip seedlings

    Catnip seedlings

    when I came out the next morning there was nothing left but a few crushed stalks! Clearly one of the neighbor cats had a good old time and passed out in the pot. 😆

    This year I’m starting a few pots full of seeds and will keep them in the greenhouse for a while. After they’re big enough I will set them out, but they’ll definitely need to have netting around them this time. Maybe that will help!

    Wish me luck!

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