• Do Shasta Daisies stay green year-round?


    Plant questions and answers! This week: Do Shasta Daisies stay green all year? They just might, depending on the climate you live in. (Ask your plant or gardening question.)

    Clump of triple Shasta Daisies

    Clump of triple Shasta Daisies

    From my experience, here’s how that tends to work…

    Here in western Oregon, after Shasta daisies finish blooming (Mid-late summer), you can remove the spent blossoms and continue to enjoy the greenery until fall. Once autumn sets in, cut the flower stalks back to the ground. The plant will probably have already created young sprouts that are well on their way to becoming next summer’s flowers. Those small plants will often stay green (although low-growing) even through the mild winters that we have here. Your climate may be colder, however, and the sprouts could die back.

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