Name: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Growth habit: Medium-sized woody shub (up to 6 feet tall) with narrow, fragrant, evergreen leaves and spikes of light purple flowers.
Light Level:
Prefers full sun, tolerates small amount of shade.
Moderately to conservatively. Drought tolerant.
Any water-soluble fertilizer formulated for garden flowers or vegetables.

Planting Medium: Well-drained soil, may even like a little gravel or sand mixed in.

Common afflictions: Disease and pest resistant, but wilt and root rot have been seen in plants that are kept too moist.

Pruning: Prune lavender in late summer or early fall, once the plant has finished blooming. Pruning can also be done in early spring.

Lavender Facts: Besides being a culinary herb, lavender has many uses. Its oil has been used for centuries to scent clothing, potpourri, and cosmetics. It also has a variety of medicinal purposes. Lavender flowers make a good bouquet, fresh or dried. When fresh, the fragrant flowers are a favorite of honeybees and other beneficial pollinators. Lavender bushes can even make a good, deer-resistant hedge.

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