Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco

Name: Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana)
Type: Annual

Growth habit: Upright plant (up to 5 feet for some varieties.)
Light Level: Prefers full sun, but will tolerate small amount of shade.
Water: Generously.
Fertilization: Any water-soluble fertilizer formulated for garden flowers or vegetables.
Planting Medium: Well-draining, somewhat sandy soil.

Common afflictions: black root rot, blue mold, aphids, potato beetle, cutworms, potato flea beetle, stalk borer, whiteflies.

Pruning: Deadhead faded flowers to promote re-blooming.

Flowering Tobacco Facts: Flowering tobacco, also called Nicotiana, is a member of the tobacco family. While the most cultivated types tobacco plant are those which produce leaves for smoking, Flowering Tobacco is grown by gardeners for its long, graceful, trumpet-shaped flowers. The sweet-smelling blossoms attract hummingbirds and nectar-sipping insects to the garden. On summer evenings, many varieties of Flowering Tobacco give off their strongest fragrance and fill the garden with their perfume. Flowering Tobacco (and all other tobacco relatives) are part of the nightshade family and are related to their common garden-mates like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants and petunias. Flowering Tobacco, like a number of its relatives, is toxic if swallowed, so beware.

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