Forget Me Not



Name: Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis)

Growth habit: These fuzzy little plants grow upright to about 10 inches. They often grow in clumps and, in many areas, will reseed readily to create a ground cover.
Light Level:
Prefers partial sun, but will tolerate many levels of shade.
Any water-soluble fertilizer formulated for garden flowers or vegetables.
Planting Medium:
Any well-draining potting soil or garden soil will suffice.

Common afflictions: Downy mildew, crown rot, rust, smuts, aphids, wilt

Pruning: Typically none needed except to thin unwanted plants.

Forget-Me-Not Facts: There are many varieties of Forget-Me-Nots, but one of the most common is Myosotis Sylvatica. They are fuzzy little plants that will bear clumps of light blue (and sometimes pink) blossoms in mid-spring. Because they tolerate shade, they are excellent ground-cover plants for areas beneath trees or in the shadows of taller plants. They may also do well in a rock garden, if it is somewhat shaded, or by the banks of a water feature such as a stream or waterfall. Some varieties grow as wildflowers.


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Forget Me Not

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