• Growing celery in the garden


    Celery is one of my favorite summertime snacks. It’s crisp and refreshing and surprisingly filling.
    Growing celery in the garden is fun and yields quite a different plant than you get in the store. Here’s what I’ve found interesting about celery:

    Celery Seedlings

    Celery Seedlings

    • It gets big. Way bigger than those bundles of celery that you get at the store! Each plant can get 3-4 feet high and take up 2-3 feet in width. Of course there are many different varieties that you can get, some bigger or smaller.
    • The flavor is stronger. I suppose this also varies depending on the kind of celery you grow but in general, I’ve noticed a much brighter flavor than store bought.
    • It can be a perennial. If you have somewhat mild winters and you don’t eat your celery plant to the ground, it will probably come back next year. It’s a lot like parsley, actually. I currently have one celery plant that is returning for the third year in a row!
    • The seeds are tasty. Celery seed has a brilliant flavor and you can collect them in the fall and use them as seasoning all winter long.
    • Leaves can be used in place of parsley. The flavor is a little different than parsley but if you have a recipe that calls for a little bit of chopped flat leaf parsley you can get away with substituting some of your fresh garden celery leaves.

    Ever grown it in a pot? My guess is that it would be happy in a pot. I may try that this year with one of the seedlings, just to see what it does.

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