Hardy Lily

Hardy Lily

Hardy Lily

Name: Hardy Lily (Lilium)

Growth habit: Upright plant which can reach over 3 feet in some varieties.
Light Level: Prefers full sun, will tolerate a small amount of shade.
Water: Moderate.
Fertilization: A general slow-release granular fertilizer in spring when new growth emerges and once again when the flowers fade.
Planting Medium: Well draining. Most garden soils will be sufficient as long as they don’t remain soggy after watering.

Common afflictions: Basal rot, fusarium, botrytis, root rot, aphids, spider mites, red lily beetle, thrips

Pruning: None needed. Dig up and divide the clusters of bulbs in autumn if the plants seem to become crowded.

Hardy Lily Facts: Hardy lilies are grown from bulbs and come back year after year. Familiar types of hardy lily include Asiatic Lily, Oriental Lily, Tiger Lily and Easter Lily. Most are grown in the ground, but some types, like Easter Lilies, come potted as seasonal decorative plants.

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