• Hen and chicks – a plant for generations


    Hen and chicks is a hardy succulent that is commonly found in rock gardens and grandmother’s flowerbeds across the US and the world. It is one of the most hardy garden plants I have ever encountered,

    Hen and Chicks

    Hen and Chicks

    weathering blistering summers, frigid winters and horrible soil conditions. In better than horrible conditions you might even see it send up a flower!

    Hen and chicks gets its name from the adult plant’s propensity to send out baby plants (chicks) that snuggle close to the parent (hen). They can slowly spread until they fill in the area that they occupy.

    Because of their hardiness and their slow but steady self propagation, I call these my multigenerational plants. My pot of pretty hens was given to my by my aunt, which came from a pot of hens that was given to her by my grandmother. My grandmother got the hens from my great grandmother. That is where my knowledge stops, but perhaps their source goes back even farther in my family tree than I know!

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