• How many cornflowers come from a root?


    Plant questions and answers! This week: How many cornflowers can grow from a root? (Ask your plant or gardening question.)

    This question could be asking a couple of different things, so I will answer both…

    Cornflowers (aka, bachelor buttons) are annuals, which means they grow for one growing season and then they die and don’t come back the next year. However, they do bear a lot of seeds which spread very close to the parent plant, and that can make them seem like they are around for more than a year.

    Blue Cornflowers

    Blue Cornflowers – Photo by Madlantern

    For each cornflower seed that sprouts, one cornflower plant emerges. So the answer to this question, if that is what was meant, is one plant per root.

    However, each cornflower plant can produce lots of flowers. So if that is what the question was asking, I would estimate that each plant can often bear 50-100 brilliant and lovely cornflower flowers!

    Enjoy your little green friends! 😉


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