• Lettuce… Fail. Forget-Me-Nots… Succeed!

    Failed lettuce row

    It's a row of lettuce, oh wait... I mean dirt.

    Well, you win some; you lose some. And for me this spring, that’s definitely true. 😉

    To put it simply, my try at a raised lettuce row failed miserably. I’m pretty sure that I planted directly into the ground too early. We had several freezes and many hard rains since the last week in February (when I planted), and even the feeble sprouts that did appear have now bitten the dust entirely. My next attempt at lettuce this year will be to start the seeds in the greenhouse and transplant them into the ground.

    Next spring, if I feel perky, perhaps I’ll rig a portable row cover (since I’ll have plenty of plastic left when I recover the greenhouse this spring) and probably some extra boards.

    New starts in greenhouse

    These forget-me-nots are doing OK though.

    On a brighter note, the forget-me-not seeds that I planted went gangbusters. I have approximately 30 of them; large and full. I think they will do well back under the apple and maple trees and along the back wall of the house. Maybe even as filler under the roses. I’ve had roses and forget-me-nots together before and they seemed to be happy enough.

    So I guess it’s true… you can’t succeed with all things, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. What have you tried? Did you fail or did you succeed? ;-)

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