Pink Pansy


Name: Pansy (Viola tricolor)
Type: Biennial

Growth habit: Pansies are typically small, low-growing, upright plants. In shady locations, they can have a somewhat trailing pattern of growth.

Light Level: Prefers partial to full sun, but will tolerate some shade.

Water: Generously.

Fertilization: Any water-soluble fertilizer formulated for garden flowers or vegetables.

Planting Medium: Well-draining potting soil.

Common afflictions: Leaf spot, black root rot, pansy worms, aphids

Pruning: Typically none, just prune off dying leaves and spent blossoms. Deadheading faded flowers before seedpods begin to swell promotes re-blooming.

Pansy Facts: Pansies are compact plants with small frilly leaves and large colorful blossoms. The pansies of today have been bred for these traits over the centuries. They originated from wild violets common in Europe. Pansies’ large blossoms come in a variety of colors and often display a pattern of dark and light shades that suggest endearing little faces. Pansies are hardy little plants and do very well in cool weather. Pansy petals are edible, and are often used as decorations in culinary creations like salads and cakes.

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