Name: Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Type: Annual

Growth habit: Upright plant (up to 2 feet tall) with a sweet scent and flavor.
Light Level: Prefers full sun, tolerates small amount of shade.
Water: Generously. Water at ground level and keep leaves dry for best results.
Fertilization: Any water-soluble fertilizer formulated for garden flowers or vegetables.

Planting Medium: Light, well draining soil that is slightly acidic. Mix some peat moss in with your garden soil for happy basil.

Common afflictions: Fusarium wilt, leaf spot, aphids, downy mildew.

Pruning: Prune off blossom spikes as soon as they appear.

Basil Facts: Basil is a delicious and fragrant herb whether it is used fresh or dried. Harvest basil continually by the leaf as it grows and then prune it down to half when it reaches about 18 inches high. To dry basil leaves, rinse and towel dry them and put them in a dehydrator on very low or no heat. You can also hang the plants, leaves and all, if you have a cool dry location. Basil is the base for many green pesto recipes. It is famous for it’s prevalent use in Italian and Greek cuisine, but it is originally from India. Basil is a member of the mint family!


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