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    This year we had a very early warm streak, so despite my better judgment, I planted my peas during the last week of February. And, lo, it did freeze not more than a week later. Luckily the sprouts hadn’t emerged from the ground yet.

    Generally, after about a week and a half I have two-inch tall pea plants, and this year, at the same duration of time since planting… I still had nothing. Uh oh. I was a little worried that I’d really jumped the gun and that they wouldn’t emerge at all, but after about two and a half weeks, they finally began popping up!

    The next challenge was the fact that they’re situated on the west side of a fence and on the east side of the house. This means that they get a very narrow window of direct sunlight (right now, about 10:00 am – 1:00 pm) and so are kind of slower growing than I’m used to. I figure that this will be a good thing later on in the summer as they’ll be more protected from the hottest parts of the afternoon. I guess I’ll see how that theory works out. ;-)

    On Sunday, I finally put in the nails and twine. This was pretty easy, since the fence was right there and the walkway has a wooden border. For the two back rows, I recycled some old bamboo skewers and tied twine to them and the upper nails and the front strings. This particular twine is pretty frail, but I think it will do.

    Right now my quest is to find some relatively animal-and-kid-safe deterrent for the slugs that like to hide in the shade of the iris at the south end of the bed. I’ve heard that beer in half-orange peels can be a good trap. Anyone tried that or have other good techniques that work?

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