• What are common problems with pansies?


    Plant questions and answers! This week: What are common problems with pansies? (Ask your plant or gardening question.)

    Pansies tend to be easy to grow and very forgiving, but they do have their own set of problems. Here are a few I’ve experienced.

    Why are my paPink, Purple and Yellow Pansynsies wilting even though I’m watering them? Most likely because they were starved of water for too long or they got too much water. Both cause the same thing: root death. If the roots are not healthy, the leaves and flowers can’t get enough water. Since they are mostly water, inability to get enough of it makes the plants shrivel and become unable to bear their own weight. Make sure you plant pansies in well-draining soil, especially if they’ll be in dark or damp places.

    Why aren’t my pansies blooming more? It happens sometimes… you get the pansies and they’re blooming like mad. Then after a while, they stop. This is probably because of two things. First, try pinching off the faded blossoms. If the plant starts getting seedpods, it will dedicate more of its energy to developing the seeds than it will to growing new blossoms. Also, note what kind of light the plant gets during the day. If the plant is in the shade most of the time it will spend more time growing leaves and stems than it will growing blossoms. The blossoms you do see will be smaller, too, so if possible, move your plant to a location with more sun and the blossoms should start forming again.

    Why is my pansy’s leaves turning yellow? I have seen this happen for two main reasons. First, and most common, the pansy is at the end of its life cycle and has expended lots of energy producing blossoms and seedpods. If it’s mid-late summer and your pansy is yellowing, it might simply be time to replace it. Second, spider mites, aphids or some other pests can literally suck your plant’s nutrients out. Do you see any little bugs or insect casings on your plant? If so, the plant is probably infested. To get rid of mites and aphids, you can try a mist of soapy water, or since we’re probably not going to eat these, use a pesticide.

    Happy planting!


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