• What is broccoli raab?


    What is this broccoli raab That we keep seeing at the farmers market (but briefly as it seems to sell out fast) and hearing about on cooking shows?

    Broccoli Raab

    Broccoli Raab seedlings

    Broccoli raab, also sometimes called broccoli rabe or rapini, is a relative of common broccoli in the brassica family, but it is more slender and lacks the large head that we’re familiar with in broccoli. Raab is fare more well known in Europe than it is here in the US. (See Wikipedia for more detailed info on rapini )

    I started some raab last year but I got behind schedule and it bolted before I could get it in the ground. So for the most part, my experiences with are not from growing it but from eating it. I got several bundles of the it at the
    farmers market whenever I could find it and I deemed it worth trying to grow again!

    I would say that it has a slightly stronger, more interesting flavor, perhaps a smidge more bitter, than broccoli. We tried it both braised and steamed and it was quite tasty!

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